Times-7 UHF RFID Portal Applications

UHF RFID Portal Application

Ultra-low profile UHF RFID antennas suitable for a range of Portal Applications for tracking people/assets in space constrained and customer facing or industrial environments.

Industry Use:

  • One-Stop Doorway Solution
  • Industrial Portal
  • Laundry Applications
  • Vehicle Tolling/Vehicle Access Control
  • Tool Tracking
  • Warehouse Shelving Application
  • Airport baggage handling systems
  • Conveyor belt-based / RFID Portal applications
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SlimLine A8065 Combo - Doorway Portal Solution

The SlimLine A8065 Combo is a high performing and aesthetically pleasing Doorway Portal Application with absolutely no compromises on spatial dimension offering a 360° reading coverage. Its ultra-low profile and slim dimensions give it a snug fit into door frames, which makes the application particularly suitable for people/attendees tracking in conferences and other high foot traffic events. Mounted on the sides and the top of the door frame, the solution combines all three polarizations to achieve the best and densest reading range, regardless of tag orientation.  


  • 360° reading coverage regardless of tag orientation
  • Slim dimensions allow snug fit into door frames
  • For high foot traffic events
SlimLine A8065 Combo - Doorway Portal Solution


Dimensions700 x 88 x 10.5 mm
Frequency Range902-928MHz (FCC); 865-868MHz (ETSI)
Connector TypeSMA female side fly lead (300 mm / 1 ‘)
Antenna GainPlease refer to datasheet.


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Times-7 Industrial Portal Application

The IP54 rating and the 10.5 dBiC gain specification make this antenna highly suitable for industrial applications. A densely packed asset with numerous tags can be identified accurately with almost no effort. A standalone portal can be realized with four Times-7 A5060 antennas, with one antenna overhead and the other three on the sides, mounted offset to one another. All possible tag orientations will be captured due to the A5060`s circular polarization and A5060 antenna`s locations. The antennas on the sides are offset such that the antennas do not face each other and induce maximum coverage within the portal. Almost all assets can be tracked with greater accuracy using our Times-7 A5060 antenna. 

There are two recommended options for mounting the antennas, as shown in the picture:

Fig. 1: The vertical configuration is recommended for high-density asset tracking (such as palletized boxes, trolleys of laundry goods, etc.) where you will need a greater RF zone to efficiently read all the tagged items. The RF beam is intentionally spilled in and out of the portal.

Fig. 2: The horizontal configuration is recommended to avoid stray reads due to the RF spill. The read zone/area is restricted within the width of the portal. Assets that are not densely packed can be read efficiently using this configuration.

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Dimensions300 mm x 300 mm x 8.5 mm (2' x 1' x 0.3'
Frequency Range902-928MHz (FCC); 865-868MHz (ETSI)
Connector TypeSMA female standardside fly lead
Antenna Gain10.5 dBiC
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Airport Portal

The A6011 Underbelt Antenna combined with the A6020 Conveyor Portal Antenna is perfect for airport baggage handling and provides industry-leading accuracy rates. It can easily be installed into existing airport infrastructure.

Portal: Module framework assembled over conveyor.
Underbelt: Affixed directly onto conveyor frame (under conveyor belt)

Airport Portal
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DimensionsA6011: 1200 mm x 600 mm x 12 mm (48” x 24” x 0.5”), A6020: on request
Frequency Range902-928MHz (FCC); 865-868MHz (ETSI)
Connector TypeOn request
Antenna GainA6011: 11 dBiC, A6020: 11 dBiC