cnMatrix EX2028-P Switch


Improve network performance while reducing the time and cost of provisioning and management

cnMatrix™ EX2028-P switches simplify network deployment and operation. When deployed with cnPilot™ WLAN access points and the cnMaestro™ management system, network operators have an affordable, feature rich, high quality unified wired/ wireless enterprise grade network. Improve performance, security and end user satisfaction while reducing costs with cnMatrix EX2028-P.

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The cnMatrix platform of switches provides:

  • Full Line Rate, non-blocking architecture
  • Easy and simple, free cloud (or on premise) management with cnMaestro™
  • Zero-touch deployment of switches makes installation easy
  • Policy Based Automation eliminates manual and time consuming configuration
  • Enhanced Security with automated device profiling and segmentation
  • Policy Based Automation eliminates manual configuration during adds, moves and changes of network devices
  • Unified Wired-Wireless access solution

The cnMatrix series of fully managed switches delivers full Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities with enhanced access security. Depending on the model, the cnMatrix EX2000 series offers flexibility with SFP+ (10 Gbps) or SFP (1 Gbps) uplink ports. These switches come with a 5-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

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128 Gbps

PoE enabled ports


PoE power budget units (watts)


10/100/1000 ports


Uplink ports

4 SFP+

Internal fans



ACL mapping and marking of ToS/DSCP (COS)

ACL mapping to priority queue

Honoring DSCP and 802.1p(CoS)

Priority queue management using Weighted Round Robin (WRR), Strict Priority (SP) and a combination of WRR and SP


ACL-based inbound rate limiting policies

Inbound rate limiting per port

Broadcast, multicast and unknown unicast rate limiting

Outbound rate limiting per port/queue

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cnMatrix Enterprise Switches

Improve network performance while reducing the time and cost of provisioning and management and enable a complete wired/wireless network solution with cnMatrix switches, cnPilot access points, and cnMaestro management.

Webinar: cnMatrix Next Gen Switches - Differentiate Your Solution and Increase Your Revenue

cnMatrix switches simply your operations, reduces your cost and increases your revenue. In this session, John Mead at Cambium Networks explores the cnMatrix portfolio, including our new WISP switches. Discover how to easily deploy, manage, maintain, and operate your wired and wireless network with Policy Based Automation (PBA).  PBA combined with cnMaestro, our cloud-based network management solution, delivers a true zero-touch experience.

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