ZEBRA HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

Improve workforce efficiency with hands-free directed workflows

Project the information workers need right into their real-time field of view, freeing hands and eyes to remain on task.

Industry Use:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Field Mobility
  • Warehouse Management

Crisp, sharp image quality

Your workers need the highest quality visual experience. And with the HD4000, they’ll get it. Developed in collaboration with Six15 Technologies, a leader in wearable optical displays, the HD4000 delivers unmatched color, contrast and image clarity, plus a focal distance that is optimized for head-mounted applications to minimize eye fatigue.

Rugged, yet feather-light for extraordinary comfort

The accessory architecture eliminates the need for an integrated battery, processor and wireless radios. Only components required to deliver augmented reality functionality are required — a display, camera, head tracker and microphone. As a result, the HD4000 weighs about an ounce — significantly lighter than any other enterprise wearable display.

Easy to manage and easy to integrate into applications

There are no batteries to purchase and manage, no wireless radios to configure and no OS updates to manage. And with ready-to-use Warehouse Templates that support leading WMS apps and Application Programming Interfaces, plus an Android HDK that supports many standard interfaces, it’s easy to integrate into new and existing apps and workflows.

Improve productivity and task accuracy with hands-free directed-action workflows

Improve productivity and task accuracy with the first of its kind rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display. Put the information your workers need right into their real-time field of view, enabling hands-free directed action workflows that increase order processing, repair and production volumes – without adding staff or expanding your production lines. Get more out of your workforce and your Zebra mobile computers with the HD4000 — the only see-through wearable display built for the enterprise. The HD4000 is compatible with WT6000, TC7X and TC5X products.

ZEBRA HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

Put the right information at the right time, right in front of your workers’ eyes to increase task efficiency and accuracy. For example, in a warehouse, you can direct users to the right pick locations and verify their picks, improving accuracy, accelerating task times and reducing ramp-up times. Display step-by-step instructions for production assembly workers with real-time visual documentation. And provide hands-free instructions to repair technicians to enable more rapid completion of error-free repairs to reduce equipment downtime.

HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display
HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display


HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

Improve productivity and task accuracy with hands-free directed-action workflows

With the first of its kind HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display, you can boost task efficiency and accuracy by overlaying the most relevant contextual information over your workers’ real-time field of view. Now, hands and eyes are always free to focus on tasks — instead of interacting with an application on a mobile computer to obtain the same data. Imagine how many additional 100% accurate pick orders warehouse workers can complete every day. Imagine how many more pieces of equipment technicians can repair every day. And imagine how much faster and more accurately assembly workers can build your products, increasing production without expanding your production lines or your workforce. You have just imagined the power of hands-free directed-action workflows, made possible with the HD4000.

The HD4000 delivers everything you need in an enterprise-class mobile device accessory. Rugged design, built to last for years despite all-day everyday drops, bumps and spills. Comfort. Easy to see crisp display. Easy to use — just plug it into the host mobile device and turn it on. Easy to deploy — no additional batteries or staging required. And with a Software Development Kit (SDK) and ready-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), it’s easy to integrate the HD4000 into existing and new applications.

Get more out of your workforce and your Zebra mobile computers with the state of the art, industry-first HD4000 — only from Zebra.

Perfectly engineered for comfort

Crisp, sharp image quality
Developed in collaboration with Six15 Technologies, a leader in innovation in wearable optical displays, the HD4000 offers best-in-class see-through display technology. You get unmatched color, contrast and image clarity. And the focal distance is optimized for head-mounted applications, minimizing eye fatigue.

So light your workers will forget they are wearing glasses
The HD4000 integrates only those components required to deliver augmented reality functionality — a display, camera, head tracker and microphone — there’s no battery, processor or WiFi or cellular radio required. At less than 1.06 oz./30 g, the HD4000 is significantly lighter than any other enterprise wearable display on the market. Your workers will barely feel these feather-light glasses, ensuring all-day comfort without fatigue. 

Ready for your most demanding enterprise environments

Drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof
Finally, a wearable display that matches the rugged design of your Zebra mobile computer. With IP67 sealing, the HD4000 is virtually impervious to dust and can survive a hose down and complete immersion in water. And with a 5 ft./1. m drop specification, you get reliable operation, despite inevitable everyday drops.

Flexible design to fit practically every worker
The fully adjustable frame mount accommodates left and right eye use, a wide range of inter-pupillary distance positioning, as well as prescription glasses. And you can change the HD4000 from right eye to left eye in seconds. The result? No eye strain and an all-day comfortable viewing experience for all of your workers.

Remove from your view in a split second
If the display is distracting a worker during a conversation with a supervisor or co-worker — or preventing the visibility required in a dangerous situation — workers can simply flip it up and out of view

Hygienic design made for sharing
The HD4000 mounts to commercial, off-the-shelf safety glasses — no tools required. So you can give each worker their own personal pair of glasses, improving hygiene and helping prevent the spread of germs.

Fast deployment — and easy application integration

No batteries required
Just connect the HD4000 with your Zebra host mobile computer via the proper cable to provide needed power. Since the HD4000 uses less than
one watt, there is little impact on the host mobile device battery. And since the host mobile device batteries are hot-swappable, the mobile device and the HD4000 can serve your workers around-the-clock.

Simple accessory architecture for maximum functionality and minimum weight
The HD4000 utilizes the enterprise-class battery, processor and WiFi or cellular radio in the host Zebra mobile device via its USB 2.0 cable. You enjoy maximum battery power and battery cycle times, maximum
processing power, plus dependable and fast WiFi or cellular connections, all delivered via the Zebra mobile devices you already own. The result? You can deploy wearable displays with little impact on IT time and cost. There are no additional batteries to change. No additional
battery pools to manage. No integrated wireless radios to configure and certify on your network. And no operating system (OS) updates and version control required

Simple and robust application support
The Android HD4000 SDK supports many standard interfaces, simplifying the development of customized applications that present the pertinent, contextual information workers need to perform the best next step. You can use the HD4000 display as a second screen via Android presentation mode. To simplify integration in the warehouse, we provide ready-to-use Zebra Warehouse Templates for fast and simple integration
with leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) applications. And ready-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) make it easy to
integrate with applications in any vertical market.

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