We are delighted to announce that we have manufactured and shipped our first major order to our valued distributor SilenceNet in Japan. After recently showcasing our new A5020 at the Auto-ID in Tokyo in September, SilenceNet received lots of positive feedback and interest. 

“The application of conventional RFID came with the goal of realizing long read distance by using large size, high-gain antennas. Because the space to install an antenna is limited on manufacturing processes and for on-vehicle use for such as forklifts and construction machinery, it is necessary for size to be small.  The A5020 is the first product that just fitted such customers’ needs. Most inquiries for the A5020 are for IoT applications in several industries.” says SilenceNet’s CEO Ted Chida.

The A5020 sets a new benchmark

The A5020 is a multi-purpose antenna with a unique combination of features, which sets new benchmarks in the RFID market. This little antenna offers a more extended read range than most other antennas of similar size. With an IP68 rating and built to Times-7’s high standard for quality and robustness, the A5020 can be used for permanent outdoor applications. Moreover, it has an attractive design, even to the touch!

Whether it is for assembly lines, hospitals or pharma labs, in refrigerated environments, or in the apparel retail industry, where good looks are everything: The A5020 qualifies for a broad range of applications.


SilenceNet is an MBO company from Panasonic located in Yokohama, Japan. SilenceNet took over the Auto-ID business from Panasonic in January 2003, after which, the business expanded into RFID and RTLS. SilenceNet’s mission is to provide the best solutions as well as services in the Auto-ID marketplace and to supply appropriate products to customers. Our corporate policy to put “Always Customers first” underpins our business goals.

For more information, visit www.silencenet.com


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Our SlimLine range of antennas is unique in the RFID industry. They offer proven high levels of performance, durability & aesthetics, in a diverse & growing range of markets. RFID applications include retail & customer interaction, conference & people tracking, event & race timing, baggage handling, and logistics & supply chain management.