Honeywell IP30 RFID

RFID Handheld Reader

The IP30 add-on passive UHF RFID handle is a cost-effective, compact handheld RFID solution for long-range applications in both industrial and enterprise environments. Use it to add mobile RFID read/write capability to the CN70/70e, CK70, CK71, CK3X, CN75/75e, or CK75 mobile computers.

Industry Use:

  • Retail
  • Warehouse
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  • Available in multiple frequency bands for global operation.
  • Based on EPCglobal certified radio.
  • Optional non-incendive (NI) configurations.
  • Seamless software application portability between Intermec fixed readers and IP30.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design.
  • Easy, snap-on installation to Intermec mobile computers, featuring near/far area imaging and multiple network communication options.

The IP30 reader supports both in-premise and in-field applications, including:

  • Warehouse operations
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Retail and enterprise inventory management
  • Field service
  • Exception handling

Combine the IP30 reader with one of our powerful mobile computers for unmatched data collection and communication capabilities. Plus, combining RFID with multiple network communication options in a single handheld unit also enables pinpoint location accuracy for real-time asset, source and service tracking. For unprecedented versatility both inside and outside of the four walls, team the IP30 reader with a 70 Series handheld computer. They combine advanced data collection methods, GPS location association, and communication via multiple network radios, including the latest cellular technologies. Are harsh and hazardous environments making RFID one of the only viable identification and data-collection methods for you? Then team the non-incendive (NI) rated version of the IP30 reader with an NI version of the 70 Series mobile computer. Together they provide a solution that’:s certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in environments in the United States and Canada where gases, dusts, and fliers or fibers may be present. Find out more about what you can accomplish with the IP30 Handheld RFID Reader and Honeywell RFID solutions.

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For Use With

  • Handheld Computers


  • Application Portability
  • 5 Wireless Technologies, 1 System
  • Ergonomic Easy Installation
  • Optional Non-Incendive Models


  • Retail
  • Warehouse

Form Factor

  • Handheld


RFID Frequency Band

  • 915 MHz
  • 865 MHz


Operating Temperature

  • 5 - 122 °F
  • - 15 - 50 °C

Operating Humidity

  • 10 - 95 %

Storage Temperature Range

  • - 22 - 158 °F
  • - 30 - 70 °C


Vibration Resistance

  • Quasi Random Vibration 17.5 Grms for 2 hours, each of 3 axis

Drop Specifications

  • Withstands 4 foot drop (1.2m) 26 times to concrete

Protection Ratings

  • IP64


Warranty Duration

  • 1 yr
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