Mobile Printer

Value-priced mobile receipt and label printer

Increase your efficiency and improve your workflows with the ZQ210 mobile printer. With the ability to print receipts and labels in one economical printer that is light weight and easy to use.

Industry Use:

  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Field Mobility
  • Hospitality
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Compatibility, Apple, Android and Windows
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The high-quality, value-priced mobile printer for receipts and labels

You’re looking for a value-priced mobile printer—but you don’t want to compromise on features. Introducing the ZQ200 Series, offering the perfect balance of cost, quality, versatility, durability, ‘wearability’ and ease-of-use. When it comes to versatility, this printer outshines the competition, allowing you to print multiple types of media and media widths to meet all your printing needs, today and in the future. All the right connectivity options ensure split second pairing with a host mobile device, while USB charging makes it easy to keep the ZQ200 Series charged at home, in the car, on the e-bike or in the office—no need for expensive power adapters. With its slim and lightweight design, it’s easy to carry all day. When it comes to ease-of-use, with the integrated display, removable battery, one-handed operation and more, nobody does it better. You get the durability to enable mobile printing indoors or outside in the heat, cold, rain and snow. And with Zebra’s 50 years of experience and innovation, you get quality you can count on. The ZQ200 Series—the high-quality, value-priced mobile printer.

ZEBRA ZQ200 Series mobile printer

One versatile printer for all your applications—today and in the future

All-in-one receipt and label printing

The ZQ200 Series is one of the only printers in this price class that can print it all—receipts and labels, either with or without a lining. You get the flexibility to standardize on one printer to meet all your mobile printing needs. Purchasing and management are simplified—and with only one model, training requirements are reduced.

And with Zebra Certified Supplies, you get validated and tested media your workers can count on for dependable, high-quality printing.

Support for multiple media widths

You get the flexibility to choose the right media width for your application. Out of the box, the ZQ200 Series can print 80 mm/3.14 in. (ZQ220) or 58 mm/2.28 in. (ZQ210). With media spacers, the ZQ200 Series can print 76.2 mm/3 in., 58 mm/2.28 in. or 50.8 mm/2 in. (ZQ220), or 50.8mm/2 in., 40 mm/1.57 in., 30 mm/1.18 in. (ZQ210).

Supports a large media roll

Workers can now print more receipts and labels per roll, which means more efficiency and fewer rolls to carry.

Go green and increase worker productivity with linerless label printing

Get all the benefits of linerless printing. Your company will generate a lot less waste, improving your green initiatives. And you can increase productivity while simplifying life out on the road for truck, motorcycle and bicycle drivers. There is less wasted paper to manage and no backing liner. And since there are more labels on a roll, there are fewer rolls of media to carry and fewer media roll changes.


All the right connections for on-the-go workers

Simple USB charging

Get the easiest in-vehicle charging solution outside the four walls with the ZQ200 Series—just plug the optional USB charger into the cigarette lighter. And if a charger isn’t handy, workers can use their personal mobile phone USB charger.

Faster, easier and more reliable printing

Support for Bluetooth® 4.1 Classic and Low Energy (BLE) enables the fastest communication between the host mobile device and the ZQ200 Series, delivering dependably fast printing. And improved power efficiency extends the battery cycle of the host mobile device.

Simple tap to pair with NFC

With integrated NFC, pairing the ZQ200 Series to the Android™ mobile device of your choice couldn’t be easier. Whether your workers are using an NFC-enabled Zebra or non-Zebra Android mobile device, or their own NFC-enabled mobile devices, just one tap will establish the connection to the ZQ200 Series. No more time spent troubleshooting pairing problems, improving mobile worker and IT support staff productivity.

Built for business — durable and easy to use

Built-in intuitive OLED display for easy printer management

Today’s workers expect the ultimate in simplicity when it comes to mobile devices. And with the black and white OLED display, they’ll get it. At a glance, users can see settings, including media status, Bluetooth connectivity status and print darkness, and take whatever action is needed to maximize uptime and print quality.

Constant power with a user replaceable battery

Your workers can count on power every minute of every shift. If the battery runs low, workers can just pop in a fully charged spare battery—no need to take the printer out of service to charge.

One-handed operation keeps workers on task

The ZQ200 Series is thoughtfully designed for one-handed operation. Regardless of whether workers are printing a receipt or label, checking printer settings or changing media, one hand is always free to handle packages, open gates or greet customers, improving productivity and the customer experience.

Sized just right for all day comfort

When it comes to ‘wearability’, the ZQ200 Series is specially designed for comfort. It’s lightweight—the printer and battery weigh less than a pound (ZQ210=235g / ZQ220=420g). And the low profile makes it easy to move through the tightest of spaces without bumping into walls, fixtures, other workers or customers.

All-day every-day business durability

The ZQ200 Series is designed to handle the inevitable drops, exposure to the elements and more. You can expect reliable operation, even if the printer is dropped on concrete or used in dusty areas. Add the optional soft case accessory and the ZQ200 Series can handle rain, snow and spills. You can use the ZQ200 Series indoors and outdoors—it’s designed to operate at below freezing temperatures and in extreme heat. The result? You get the printer uptime you need to improve workforce productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Get the most out of your printer with Zebra supplies and services

Zebra OneCare® SV1 — the right level of service at the right price

Without a service plan, a single repair can cost more than the printer, but comprehensive service plans are too costly and offer more coverage than your value-tier printers need. Zebra OneCare SV provides the right level of service at the right price. You get two years of protection against failure, coverage for normal wear and tear to keep your printer in like-new condition, unmatched direct-from-Zebra live and online technical support, priority turnaround times, free return shipping and more—all for a fraction of the cost of a single repair.

Get superior print quality with Zebra certified supplies

We design, produce and rigorously pre-test our own line of thermal printing supplies to maximize the lifespan of your printhead and the print quality of your receipts and labels.

Ready-To-Use solutions from proven channel partners

Don’t have the time or resources to build your own applications? Over 10,000 established channel partners are waiting to help, allowing you to get your complete solution up and running quickly, easily and cost-effectively—with minimal risk.

For a business partner you can trust, think Zebra

With 50 years of experience and innovation, plus 200+ patents, Zebra delivers products with a difference—technology that meets your unique business needs with devices that are built to last. With our unmatched breadth of products, only Zebra can offer the simplicity of one-stop shopping, with products that work better together. And with offices in 81 countries, no matter where you are located, you can count on the sales, service and support your business requires.

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Physical Characteristics

ZQ220: 129.5 mm L x 114.5 mm W x 56.7 mm H
5.0 in. L x 4.5 in. W x 2.2 in. H
ZQ210: 118 mm L x 85.5 mm W x 44.5 mm H
4.65 in. L x 3.35 in. W x 1.75 in. H
Weight (with battery)ZQ220: 420 g/0.92 lbs
ZQ210: 265 g/0.58 lbs

Printer Specifications

Programming LanguagesCPCL and ESC-POS languge
Resolution203 dpi/8 dots per mm
Memory16MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash
Max Media WidthZQ220: 72 mm/2.83 in.
ZQ210: 48 mm/1.89 in.
Max Print Speed
ZQ220: 2.5 ips (60 mm/s)
ZQ210: Receipt and Label: 2.5 ips (60 mm/s)
Linerless: 2 ips (50 mm/s)
SensorsBlack Mark, Gap, Media Out sensing
Battery Capacity and TypeZQ220:2550 mAh (7.4V), rechargeable Li-ion battery
ZQ210: 1500 mAh (7.4V), built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

Media Characteristics

Media TypeDirect Thermal media, continuous receipt, black mark receipt, and gap label, option for linerless label
Media WidthZQ220:
80 mm/3.15 in.
76.2 mm/3.00 in.
58 mm/2.28 in.
50.8 mm/2.00 in.
58 mm/2.28 in.
50.8 mm/2.00 in.
40 mm/1.57 in.
30 mm/1.18 in.
Media Roll Diameter

Inner: 12.7 mm/0.5 in.
Outer: 50 mm/2.0 in.
Inner: 12.7 mm/0.5 in.
Outer: 40 mm/1.57 in.

Media Thickness0.05334 mm/0.0021 in.
Minimum Label/Receipt Length12.5/0.49 in.
Maximum Label/Receipt LengthUnconstrained in line print mode

Environment and Resistance

Operating Temp.-10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F
Storage Temp.-20°C to 60°C/-4°F to 144°F
Charging Temp.-0°C to 40°C/32°F to 104°F
Charging Time3.5 Hours (23 °C +/- 5°C)
Printing Length per ChargeMinimum of 500 labels x 8.5 in. length, 13% density
Drop Specification1.5 m/5 ft. to concrete
IP RatingIP43 (IP54 with case)

Agency Approvals

EmissionsEN55032, ETSI EN 301 489 -1 / -17
SusceptibilityEN55035, ETSI EN 301 489 -1 / -17
SafetyEN60950, EN62368

Communication and Interface

BluetoothBluetooth 2.1+EDR/4.1 Low Energy dual mode
USB PortUSB 2.0 type-C connector
NFC TagPassive NFC tag
Charging Method
USB and/or docking charging
Low Power Mode
Support power saving
MFi (iOS support via Bluetooth)MFI -Certified
User InterfaceOLED Screen, Control Buttons (Power, Config, Feed)


Built-in fonts (bitmap)CPCL fonts: English/Latin9, Cyrillic,
Font A: 12X24
Font B: 9x17
Font C: 9x24
(CPCL fonts: ROA SKU) traditional Chinese M Kai 24x24, New Sans MT 16x16, Vietnamese 16x16

Barcode Symbologies

Linear Barcodes
Code 39, Code 93, UCC/EAN128 (GS1-128), Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2-of-5, UPC-A and UPC-E 2, 5 digit add-on and composite, EAN-8, EAN-13, 2, 5 digit add-on and composite
2D Barcodes PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, QR Code, GS1/DataBar™ (RSS) family, Aztec, MSI/Plessey

Software and Tools


ZebraLink, legacy Multiplatform SDK support for PC Windows v7, v8, v10, Android, iOS, Windows CE, Windows® Mobile 6.5

ToolsZebra PC Setup Utility, OPOS Driver, Zebra NetBridge, Zebra Designer (Printer Windows Driver, Font and Graphic Downloader, Status Monitor, Label Design Application)
Printer Set-Up UtilityThe free Printer Setup Utilities simplifies printer configuration and uncovers security vulnerabilities using the Android and iOS versions of the utility.

Optional Accessories

Spare ZQ220 printer battery 2550 mAh.
Note: One battery ships with the printer
Spare ZQ210 printer battery 1500 mAh.
Note: One battery ships with the printer
Soft CaseAdd an extra layer of protection for harsh environments with a soft case. When inserted into the case, the printer is IP54-rated for resistance to windblown water and dust. Includes a shoulder strap.
Shoulder StrapHooks to the soft case or printer for easy over-the-shoulder carrying (shoulder strap is included with the Soft Case).
Belt ClipReplacement belt clip (one belt clip ships with the printer); package of 5
USB Cable (Type C - A)Spare USB Type A to Type C cable, package of 1 or 5. Use this cable with the AC-USB Adapter or the Vehicle Lighter Adapter to charge your printer. Printer includes one cable.
AC to USB AdapterUse AC to USB Adapter to charge your printer
Media SpacerZQ220: Media spacer for accepting 3 in. (76.2 mm), 2.3 in. (58 mm) and 2 in. (50.8 mm) wide paper, package (5 sets, 2 per set)
ZQ210: Media spacer for accepting 2 in. (50.8 mm), 1.57 in. (40 mm) and 1.18 in. (30 mm) wide paper, package (5 sets, 2 per set)
Vehicle Lighter Power to USB AdapterCharges the printer via the vehicle lighter power adapter.
USB connection to printer; cable sold separately. Note: Not for sale/use in Russia.
Vehicle Holder (Dashboard)Secure ZQ210 in-vehicle use
ZQ220: 3-slot Battery Charger Dock and charge up to three Li-Ion printer batteries at a time. The 3-slot battery charger ships with a power supply and line cord. Select the part number with the appropriate line cord for your region.
ZQ210: 5-Slot Docking Cradle Dock and charge up to five printers simultaneously. This accessory ships complete with power supply and power cord. Select the part number with the appropriate line cord option for your region.

Print DNA Basic Software

Get more value out of your Print DNA Basic printers. Zebra’s Print DNA Basic, featuring an essential set of software applications and capabilities, delivering a cost-effective and dependable print experience. Simplify printer setup and configuration with Printer Setup Utilities. Gain flexibility with Virtual Devices emulations to easily replace legacy printers. For more information, please visit

Printing Supplies

For industry-leading quality, service and thermal printing expertise, choose Zebra Certified Supplies to ensure consistent, optimized performance for your Zebra printer.


The ZQ200 Series is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of shipment. For the complete warranty statement, please visit

Recommended Services

Zebra OneCare SV1


1. Zebra OneCare SV not available in all markets
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Markets and Applications


  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Line Busting


  • Field Service
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Transportation and Logistics

  • Field Service
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Proof of Pickup/Delivery
  • Bag Reconciliation
  • Post and Parcel
  • Passenger Ticketing


  • Utility Meter Reading
  • Parking Enforcement
  • E-Citation
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