Menu Board Mounts

Menu board mounting solutions can be tailored to provide advanced information delivery across retail environments, small and large. Modular systems can be configured to specific project needs with ease of installation and maintenance.

Watch this 3D video to see what's possible...

Infinite length

Menu board solutions are available in three preset extrusion lengths that can be joined indefinitely. More customized lengths can be achieved by combining 700mm, 1750mm and 2000mm mounting rails and/or cutting them to your requirements.

The ADM-RX is an extension kit used to join mounting rails together to create larger menu board wall installations. The kit consists of 6 steel couplers that provide great strength to the joint, making the finished rail act like a single piece.

Infinite length
Landscape or Portrait display installation

Landscape or Portrait display installation

The 400mm VESA brackets are available in three options (all are height adjustable post-installation):

  • Fixed straight position
  • Tilting up to 20 degrees
  • Fixed straight position with 8-point tool-free micro-adjustments

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Menu board solutions use modular components that are interchangeable and upgradeable. See our product range for Menu board mounts.

Installation Services

A complete installation service including all new cabling requirements is available for which ever the mounting design you chose.

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