1D Corded Ring Scanner

Put the RS4000 on the fingers of your workers to improve productivity and accuracy in your operations

With Zebra’s patented Adaptive Scanning technology, to capture barcodes from near contact to 15 ft./4.5 m, a bright scan line ensuring easy aiming for first-time capture of barcodes and support for a broad range of scanning capabilities, the RS4000 1D ring scanner improves worker productivity and accuracy.

Industry Use:

  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management

Using Zebra’s multi-modal solution, you can boost worker productivity by 15% — with 39% fewer errors than typical speech-only wearables. Pairing the WT6000 wearable computer with the RS6000 or RS4000 ring scanner, HS3100 or HS2100 headset and our TekSpeech Pro 4 software, give your workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level.

Powerful hands-free 1D scanning for Zebra’s next-generation WT6000 wearable mobile computer

Whether your workers spend their days moving products through your warehouse or retail store, or moving packages through distribution centers and onto trucks for delivery, every time they need to set an item down to check a paper work order or scan a barcode with a handheld device, their productivity decreases. But when you put the small and lightweight RS4000 1D ring scanner on the fingers of workers who are using Zebra’s WT6000 wearable mobile computer, your workers are free to keep their hands and eyes on the items they are handling. The result? Worker productivity increases. And a split-second press of the RS4000 trigger verifies task accuracy and provides the real-time inventory visibility you need to eliminate out-of-stocks.


Give your Workers Hands-Free Scanning Power

Ring scanner design leaves hands free to move packages and other materials, improving worker productivity and operational efficiency.

Increase Productivity with a Wide Working Range

Our patented Adaptive Scanning technology allows workers to capture barcodes from near contact to 15 ft./4.5 m.

Two Scanning Modes

Workers can either press the trigger button once to scan a single barcode or keep the trigger depressed to continuously scan barcodes.

Capture Virtually any Barcode in Practically any Condition

With our advanced scanning algorithms, your workers can capture scratched, dirty, damaged and poorly printed barcodes, first time, every time.

A Patented Liquid Polymer Scan Element with a Lifetime Warranty

Friction and wear are eliminated, maximizing uptime and worker productivity, along with a low total cost of ownership.

A Bright Scan Line

The easy to see scan line ensures easy aiming for first-time capture of barcodes in virtually any lighting condition. And with an oversize LED light, users can easily see when a scan is successful.

Diecast Zinc Scan Engine Chassis, Single Board Construction and Scan Engine Isolation

Superior impact protection for the scan engine improves reliability in the event of a drop.


Cable Wear Beads

The areas of the cable most vulnerable to wear and tear are protected to help keep your RS4000 ring scanners looking like new.

Supports Reduced Space Symbology (RSS)

A broad range of scanning capabilities provides future-proofing, increasing your investment protection.

Convenient Swivel Feature

Workers can easily switch the RS4000 from right to left handed operation.

Separate Finger Strap Assembly

Give each worker their own easy-to-replace finger strap assembly to help improve hygiene and prevent the spread of germs.

Full Shift Power

The RS4000 draws very little power from the wearable mobile computer, preserving plenty of power for full shift operation on a single charge.

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Physical and Environmental Characteristics

Dimensions1.9 in. H x 1.4 in. W x 1.9 in. D
4.8 cm H x 3.6 cm W x 4.8 cm D
Weight2.0 oz./56.7 g
Current92 mA typical/121 mA max (one LED on)
Standby Current12 μA typical/60 μA max
Battery BackupRechargeable UPS battery for operation during power loss; internal rechargeable battery for multiple months of real-time clock backup
Voltage3.1 VDC to 3.6 VDC

Performance Characteristics

Light Source650nm LASER 1.7mW peak power
Scan Rate92 min., 104 typical, 116 max. scans/sec (bi-directional)
Yaw1± 40° from normal
Roll2± 35° from vertical
Pitch3± 65° from normal

User Environment

Operating Temp.-22° to 122° F/-30° to 50° C
Storage Temp.-25° to 160° F/-40° to 70° C
Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing
Ambient Light ImmunityTolerant to typical artificial indoor and natural outdoor (direct sunlight) lighting conditions. Fluorescent, Incandescent, Mercury Vapor, Sodium Vapor, LED: 450 Ft. Candles (4,844 Lux) Sunlight: 10000 Ft .Candles (107,640 Lux) Note: LED lighting with high AC ripple content can impact scanning performance
Environmental SealingIP54


1 – Skew (Yaw): Controlled by rotating the wrist from left to right or vice versa
2 – Roll (Tilt): Controlled by rotating the wrist clockwise or counterclockwise
3 – Pitch: Controlled by dropping or raising the wrist
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With great power comes great productivity

From the leader in enterprise mobile computing and creators of the first-to-market wearable computers, Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions are the best hands-free devices in the industry today.  See how to increase worker productivity by 15%, turning your workforce into Superheroes of Productivity.

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